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Kelly’s Top Picks

In the book, I offer up 20-25 of my top picks in each of the six classes of bearded irises.  As you can imagine, such as task is onerous and trying to the nerves of someone as enthusiastically admiring of bearded irises as I am.  But I did it and kept my selections as eclectic as my tastes.  While I wanted to offer a chance to showcase newer varieties that you might not know, I also gave credit to those oldies but goodies that remain forever timeless.  In all, I’m sure you’ll find at least a few that you need to have in your garden.

But as you can imagine, I grow many hundreds of varieties that deserve homes in modern gardens.  My nursery Rainbow Iris Farm offers a collection of my top picks, and if you’re interested, you can check that out at this link.  It’s a great deal–six bearded irises from the diversity of the tribe, small to tall.  Check it out, or browse the galleries and assemble your own collection–six or 16!