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Bearded Irises

Bearded irises are magically versatile plants–the stuff of color-laden dreams, billowing herbaceous borders, and the gardens of even-minded folks keen on planting hardworking doers for the purposes of function and beauty.  In plain language, they’re staples, essential passalongs passed down through the generations.  From humble beginnings in the wilds of eastern Europe and Asia to the trumped-up, all-ruffled divas of modern civilization, these stalwart perennials span the color spectrum through and to nearly every shade by true, fire-engine red.  Across that gamut, you’ll find a bearded iris for your garden, guaranteed.

This website is dedicated to providing you with all the information necessary to growing beautiful bearded irises, whether as a separate collection of treasured plants or as a cherished assortment of cultivars interspersed among your favorite perennials.  Throughout the site, we provide glimpses of the book A Guide to Bearded Irises, the essential modern guide to bearded irises, if you’re interested in delving deeper into your enthusiasm for all things rainbow and rhizomatous.